Wood and aluminum decor for your kitchen

In recent years the kitchen has gone from being a fully functional home stay and whose only purpose is to cook it, take a lot more relevance in terms of decoration is concerned.

Fortunately, today there are more and more designs that are concerned with combining materials, colors and shapes that make the kitchen into a bigger player in your home. To this we must add to customize them. The details included in the decoration to express our own personality.

And that modernization and customization trend has come from the hand of natural wood combined with steel and aluminum . Modernity and style is what screams from the rooftops this combination of materials.

Natural wood is a material used in the manufacture of kitchens for many years. Later it was displaced by the coatings, laminating and other materials that gave a more colorful and modern.

But today wood, especially coming from controlled plantations or ecological, is once again take center stage at the hands of allies such as aluminum and steel.

We use these materials in appliances, in detail in the furniture, utensils and even allowances. Everything always in perspective and avoid the excesses that can ruin the whole decoration.

This was the new way of using aluminum, which until now had been used alone or with other colors, preferably white.

It is important to always remember that one of the keys to the result to be as nice as you observe in the images is the fact of taking into account the proportion and distribution.

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