Wallpaper in the kitchen

The wallpaper in the simplest way to introduce major changes in the kitchen without having to change items of higher cost, as they could be marble countertops, appliances or other accessories. Let’s see how to implement them on the wall, to achieve rapid change, economic and above all, easy to remove.

Precisely the pattern of the cover is a bit extravagant, but the idea was to show all the possible impact in space and that is the drastic change.

Sure, you can also find models less visible but no less beautiful, as is the case then where used classic papers with patterns typical of the kitchen, and soft colors, making it a cooler place in summer and warm in winter.

Still others prefer things more strange or funny as in the case of this model, which simulates a background of woods, among the trunks of trees.

It is interesting to see how paper can be incorporated into the room, but only to vertical or horizontal stripes, and even place it only on a wall. In others, some tend to get the paper to the wall and in turn, another small piece to use to line a tablecloth. Thus the wall combined with the tablecloth, in a very easy.

The wallpaper with motifs related to the kitchen, are sought. In this example you can see the combination of a paper with vegetables, beside a row of brick wall to left.

Finally, the model exotic could not miss. Black furniture, tiles in a dark orange and the rest of the wall, a black paper background with palm trees in orange. A different mix, offering a look quite different from what we usually give the kitchen.

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