Vintage details in your home decoration

There is usually a good idea to combine several decorative styles if you do not have much experience in what we are doing, as there are styles that combine better with others and we can risk ruining all decoration.

In this sense, the styles that best allow you to carry out this idea are the contemporary and the retro or vintage inspired in decades past. Yes, because some key pieces of that time are still to this day a very good way to add elegance, sophistication and an alternative style to your decor.

The first idea that comes to mind is the large and very elegant lamps as used decades ago, not only the classic chandelier with sparkling crystals but also those of many arms of forging trabajadísimos finishes.

If you want to give an even more marked retro touch to your decor can do so by including other elements such as plastic chairs with curved shapes, large theater-style curtains, wallpapers classic style on walls or moldings a mirrors form.

As a final tip to remember in the middle is virtue and that mistakes can sometimes get very expensive.

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