Turn the room into your favorite place

Imagine for a moment a dining harmonious, warm, spacious and well decorated. All this is possible even when your budget is limited and your room is small, as in the image above. To transform the dining room, first keep in mind that the furniture should be functional and simple. Everything depends on the size of the apartment or house. If you do not have enough room, try to leave only the small furniture and more used in everyday life.

In the picture below we present a set of simple chair and a strong visual effect. The colors used in this furniture is brown and orange, which provide an interesting contrast. An interesting element that has the furniture and to help you save space is the detail of the wooden frames, which replace the coffee table.

In relation to the tone of your living room walls that need, we encourage you fired bright colors because they always give you a feeling of greater space. Here are some suggested options in colors:

  1. The blue light to provide a feeling of spaciousness. Choose blue or light blue.
  2. Yellows: select all ranges that exist in the palette of yellows. They provide lots of light.
  3. Recreate a corner of your living room with a membership that you consider important, such as a vase or a piece of art. You can play with lighting to stand out and be the star of the place.
  4. The cushions and curtains are important elements in the room. Suggest you choose fabrics with stripes, to generate greater feeling of spaciousness.

Can you think of more ideas for decorating your living room?. Incorporeal, but remember that the room should not be heavily loaded.

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