Transforming a black white furniture

It is common for the passage of time causes some eyestrain with regard to many of the furnishings that fill our home. In this way, and without having to spend on new furniture, we make a little effort and transform the furniture we already fed up on a different option, giving it new life into certain areas or rooms and renewing the energy of the house.

One of the most interesting alternative is the color variation in the furniture. In the picture we see a black secretary, but that once was white … After going through a transformation process, adopted the image of its opposite color. Feel like at home to try this with some white furniture?. Do you relish the possibility of making furniture with all the elegance of black?.

Keep in mind that white tones applied to the wood deteriorates faster than the dark, so it is also a good idea from the standpoint of functional and practical to convert some of our white pieces in a black furniture. In this case we have applied a matte black lacquer, a simple treatment on which we can advise on any specialized home, obtaining the necessary products there too.

A key point of this proposal is that the black has not been taken as the sole dominant color, but has been combined with some interesting details to give more life and dynamism. Thus, the handles can be seen painted in orange (the color may be another, but it’s meant to break the monotony of black). The paint has been applied also in tone matte black, a color brighter than the conventional black and looks like a dark gray.

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