Touch screen mirror in the bathroom

Can you imagine doing all those things that give you pleasure or need, like music, listen to the radio or watch to see when the temperature directly in the bathroom without so many special devices to each of these functions? . It is now possible thanks to the revolutionary mirror with touch screen.

These and other features are what gives you this wonderful product. It works as a music player, stereo FM radio, clock display, barometer, lighting system, fog or connecting an auxiliary audio source, for example.

And also reminds users that are made ??basic issues in the bathroom , such as brushing teeth, washing hands or taking the pills your doctor prescribed.

You can not imagine how useful it is for the elderly, this invention helps to make your life easier, reducing the tasks and achieve greater comfort.

This mirror is part of a new trend in technology, which offers a good dose of comfort on one side and information on the other, to recreate new lifestyles and combining pleasure and convenience at a time.

The benefit is that you can maintain the mirror surface clean and free of moisture, thanks to anti-fog system is activated whenever you turn on the light.

Now you can sing in the shower as much you like listening to your favorite music and no other devices around to interfere and take up space, only the player activating the mirror with touch screen begins to enjoy your bathroom in a different way.

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