Top kitchen accessories

kitchen accessories

The latest technology and groundbreaking design are at the service of home appliances, with surprising results. Here are a few models that will inspire you to decor the kitchen:

  1. How a Puzzle: The versatility of the new modular allow the cooking area to compose your own. Each plate gas hob, fryer … There’s no excuse not to have fun in the kitchen.
  2. Sabor East: For a healthy food and fun, the latter is preparing food on the table. The most innovative iron, makes it very easy to cook meats, fish and vegetables and is also very handy because it incorporates wheels.
  3. The best brain: The last washing, test your intelligence, since they are equipped with a sensor capable of detecting 14 different types of stains and removes them effectively.
  4. Cafeteras integrated: It seemed as though he could not integrate any more in a cold snap, but some manufacturers are afraid even to integrate a coffee maker in their models. Beautifully practical.
  5. Belleza and silence has created a completely silent bell, but what really stands out is its extremely modern and stylish design that looks like a sculpture. However, pressing a button unpark completely, as if by magic.
  6. Arriba and below: The ovens are cooler in which slide the entire structure up and down, to provide you with the task of cooking.
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