Today we present … Scandinavian Style

Nordic style is increasingly becoming more fashionable, and the Nordic countries have always been synonymous with good taste in decor and decorating know like few others.

They say it is the ideal decoration for fall and winter, cold as the days pass by Norway or Sweden, where this decorative style was truly born. The predominant colors are very warm, always looking for bright but still very smooth and well achieved. As a culture, one could say that is a style very “educated” and well ordered.

The furniture and materials are always dominated by wood, including oak, and many textiles as skins, hair, etc.. The furniture has a modern and very retro at the same time, is a strange mix that definitely makes a Scandinavian style of the most interesting and admired.

Also complement the wood and classic with more modern decor and plastic. Lighting also minimalist and perfectly placed long-coated floor and parquet laminate flooring, always making also play with the house, the park is the favorite white or the same color as walls or furniture. A truly lovely style!

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