Tips home decor: brighten the room

In different contexts of our house we have specific lighting needs, in accordance to this place and its purpose. To achieve adequate lighting must plan the points of light in terms of quantity, intensity and location.

Pay attention to suggestions for the living room , main room of the house:

  1. We must eliminate the shadows that occur when the lighting is not adequate.
  2. To do this, consider the shape and size of the dining room table. For example, square tables for a single lamp be enough, but after eight people were recommended to put more than one, or more bulbs in clusters.
  3. The height should be between 0.80 cm and 1 meter high. It is also advisable to keep some indirect light always on in another sector to avoid and dark contrasts.
  4. Choose the right lamp: to properly select this element, so important in the dining room is important to note that the trends lean towards materials such as glass, metallic finishes that create new effects of light and synthetic materials such as polycarbonate. It also uses materials such as fiber or wood.
  5. In terms of its forms, for the simple and organic, such as in the minimalist decor. In addition, introduce elements of modern decorations vintage style with baroque lamps or chandeliers.

After having these tips in mind, choose the best lamp that fits your room. You’ll find many styles and sizes on the market.

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