Tips for small spaces decor

Big spaces are the decor ideas of our parents or our grandparents, 4, 5 or more rooms, endless corridors, an enormous amount of square feet to decorate as we please and do what we want. The current trend is the mini-spaces decoration and the economic crisis looks set to ensure that this trend will.

The problem is that these small homes are too difficult to decorate, the best option is that the furniture fits into our space and multifunction furniture become almost indispensable. As an example we find the eternal sofa beds, beds with drawers or even lower trunks are used as a table and a space to store anything.

Try to decorate as little as possible, or at least that the decorative elements you choose to take up as little space as possible. Cramming all the visual space we will make it look even less space. Turn everyday items like lamps in a more decorative visual element for example.

Use light colors when painting your home, give a sense of a larger area. Another good tip is to fill the dead spaces such as the top of the walls with cabinets or shelves, anything goes as long as gain inches!

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