Tips for decorating your home environment

Usually we decorate our homes according to personal taste of each. But sometimes we make mistakes in the decor, which go beyond the particular tastes. For home environments are warm, comfortable and well decorated, we present a list of common mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Artificial plants: we should be demanding that we put the ornaments in every sector of the house. If you put artificial flowers, try to be very creative designs and bright colors, if not, you better think of another alternative, since these plants spoil the atmosphere and filled with dust. Instead, place flowers in various parts of the house, such as coffee tables or corners.
  2. Regarding the furniture, it is preferable that the chairs do not have lots of pillows, because they prevent sit and be comfortable.
  3. Another important point are the ornaments and figurines, because the presence of too many decorations makes loading and cleaning the furniture too much. Consequently, they stop being nice view. To avoid this, it should at least find a balance in the environment.
  4. The decorations should be functional, so order your furniture evaluated so as not interfere with access to the rooms of your house. The spaces are clear and well lit.
  5. Finally, decorate the halls with paintings , ornaments recharge prevents the corners and if you secure it to the floor mat to prevent accidents like this in passing.

With these tips and some other tips from your friends and family will mark you can start decorating your home. Although it is good to evaluate all the tips, remember that it is vital that the environment always reflect your personality and style.

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