Tips for decorating with acid colors

Clearly we all have decorated with bright acid colors like red and orange, yellow, etc. is difficult and only suitable for the more daring. Spring is the perfect time to unleash the imagination out of the cupboard and those colors that are stored throughout the winter.

The idea is to make your stay a different and original, a space that breaks than usual but that does not give up that balance that will make it fun and relaxing to breathe at a time.

To not interfere with that harmony of which we spoke, it is best to use a neutral color as a basis, whether white, black, brown, etc.
For large surfaces like walls and furniture and make color notes with other household decorative items.

However, this does not mean that you can use them in a timely manner in some of the above if you want to give them an even greater role.

Some good ideas to integrate colors like fuchsia, lemon yellow, grass green or orange citrus is doing more due to elements such as textiles (pillows, blankets, quilts, rugs, etc.) Wallpapers on any of the walls or some useful side but as lamps, wastebaskets, watches.

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