Tips for choosing the color of your bathroom

The different colors we can find to decorate our bathroom we serve to provoke different sensations. The choice of time may give us energy, relax or let us dazzled with its brightness.

Here we show the best colors to achieve these effects.

If you want a relaxed, calm, calm tones should choose anything loud that contribute to a serene space that invites disconnection. Some who can help you get are the natural colors range from brown or gray tones combining multiple range or contrast with lighter shades like white or beige.

If our intention is to startthe day full of energy, nothing better than to use colors that fill you energy like pistachio green , the yellow or orange , for example. Remember to combine with a neutral like white or black in furniture, walls and all kinds of accessories.

And if we want to fill with light the space do not hesitate to go for white as main color of the decor, though, accompanied in some detail by one or two secondary colors like the picture above.

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