The problem of decorate the shelves

One of the main drawbacks when it comes to placing shelves in any home environment is to find the exact height for them. Incidentally many factors, such as environmental design, complements existing or comfort of the inhabitants of the house, which in most cases have different heights.

At times, the objective of maximizing the space available in the environment can be counterproductive. Is the case with shelves that are located at heights, for most people, are completely inaccessible. These storage sites can be useful to locate items that we use daily, but a common mistake to keep in mind not to repeat in our home is very important to place accessories on these shelves.

What, then how to leverage wisely our shelves? First, properly selecting the items and tools to place in each of the shelves, leaving those most easily accessible all the things we need every day. At the same time, if you need to put up shelves, it will be vital to choose an unfurnished space widths below, thus facilitating access.

Different points can also be arranged to allow easier access to higher shelves, such as chairs, beanbag chairs or beds. This will prevent poor posture and the discomfort of having to access to sites as distant and complex.

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