The garden decor: a meeting place and relax

Being in touch with nature, enjoy a sunny day and meeting friends makes our day more enjoyable. For this to happen, our own home can be decorated to stimulate these moments of pleasure. We present two proposals that will help inspire you when decorating your garden with furniture and ornaments that you may have in your home.

The first proposal is ideal for family reunions throughout the day and even at night. The first element to decorate the place, giving a country style, glycine is prepared as a small roof. Its function is to protect guests from sun and make this space is cool. The iron railings meet the objective of maintaining the glycine at the same time, add a special decorative touch.

The large table pine long bench and allow several people to comfortably use this corner. If dark, the lamp located at the top of the iron bars of lights there. If you prefer, you can place an accessory that directly illuminates the table.

The personal touch is provided by the hammock, but you can also add other items to decorate this space, such as vases with flowers or wicker baskets.

The second option is designed for relaxation. The cushions, puffs or low chairs are the main players in this space. Pastel colors and motifs of flowers give it a romantic style. The element is potted flowers, the same color as the floral cushion. With imagination, and looking in our attic vases or fabrics that we no longer use, we can design an exterior corner of the most welcoming.

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