The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Storefront Security

security gateIf you own a store or you are about to purchase a store and become a storekeeper for the very first time, then you will need to consider installing security gates, or window security bars, depending on where the premises is located.

High Street or Shopping Mall – All Stores are Vulnerable

Stores located on the High Street are more prone to break in and vandalism than stores inside a shopping mall complex. But nonetheless, whichever environment your store happens to be in, it will still be at risk.

Deterring a Break-in

The best way of avoiding a burglary is to install some kind of overt deterrent; something that will make any aspiring felon think twice before deciding to gain illegal access. The most popular deterrent in these situations are either security grills/gates, and/or metal bars over the windows.

Employ Professionals to Install Security Devices

Bars over the windows offer excellent protection for side or rear windows; those small windows that have nothing to do with display, but that present an opportunity for wannabe thieves to gain entrance to your premises. However, in order to offer a reasonable deterrent, they must be correctly installed. Fitting them into reinforced concrete and maybe even anchoring them to a metal frame behind the brickwork will ensure that they cannot easily be dislodged. The company that you purchase your window security bars from will be able to fit them for you themselves, or if not, will be able to recommend a professional security installer that can.

Medium and High Security

Actual glass storefronts, or large store windows, can best be protected by having security gates installed in front of them. Depending on the actual design that you choose, these gates or grilles offer anything from medium to high security. But whether it’s gates, grilles, and/or bars, that you decide to install, they all have one thing in common – they all act as an obvious deterrent.

Break-ins Take Only Seconds

Most store break-ins are crimes that are over and done within a matter of seconds. It’s this speed of action that enables the felons to get away scot-free. But as soon as they see that security gates, or window security bars have been fitted, it will give them pause for thought; especially if you have a burglar alarm fitted as well.

Time is the Thieves Enemy

The last thing any burglar wants is to have to spend several minutes trying to gain illegal access to a store. It’s hugely increases the risk of being caught, either by local security (if it exists), or by patrolling police cars. Of course, if an alarm has been fitted and this gets triggered when they begin trying to break in, they’ll want to hightail it as soon as possible, before for the cavalry arrives.

A Wide Range of Designs

There are many different designs of security gates to choose from, and you may decide to opt for one that allows a clear view of the store window and the goods that are on display behind it. Clever designs combined with materials that offer good strength and resilience allow almost perfect clarity, which is advantageous for advertising the goods on sale even when the store is closed.

Not only will any anti-burglary devices that you install deter criminals, they will also help to reduce your business insurance premiums.

Protecting your storefront is vital in order to minimize the risk of your store being broken into. Having security gates and window security bars installed, clearly and plainly on view, offers an excellent deterrent to potential thieves.

Running a store in today’s commercial world, is a lot tougher than many people think. Not only is competition extremely fierce, but there is also the risk of your establishment being broken into or vandalized, and your stock being either stolen or damaged. In order to safeguard your property, and to try and keep the thieves and vandals at bay, it may be a good idea to consider installing storefront security Gates, and/or window security bars, if appropriate.

Exploding Some of the Myths

So why you may ask, if it’s such a good idea, doesn’t every shop, you see, either in the high street or in a shopping mall have them fitted? The answer is that there are a number of myths or misconceptions that seem to prevent store owners from doing so. For that very reason, here in this short article we are going to debunk or expel some of these notions.

Overcoming Difficult Installations

One of the most common reasons we come across is that many proprietors feel that their premises offers some difficult problems that will make installation either difficult or impossible.

Nothing could be further from the truth however. Providing you select one of the top suppliers of storefront security hardware, you’ll find that their installation people can find their way around virtually any problem. Although the hardware comes in a wide range of “standard” products, each of them is actually individually customized for every single installation. Whatever problem you think you may have, your chosen supplier’s installation department will almost certainly have met it, and dealt with it before. No problem is insurmountable.

Elegant Designs are Available

Another myth doing the rounds is that gates, grilles, and bars all detract from the aesthetics of the establishments to which they are fitted. Window bars tend to not be so much of a problem because they are usually fitted to small windows around side or back of the premises; windows that if left unprotected can present an open invitation to would-be thieves. They are not in the prime vision line.

But with Gates and Grills that are fitted to the front of the premises, the aesthetics are a much more important issue because they have an impact on the window display. But it’s this very fact that has driven the designers to come up with various visually innovative products, which whilst being pleasing on the eye, offer a medium to high degree of strength. So it’s entirely possible to have something fitted that is not only attractive, (often most desirable within shopping mall environments), but that allows an almost uninterrupted view of the products on show in the window.

A Deterrent that Truly Works

Many people think that most anti-burglary measures are ineffective. They think that if thieves are determined to break-in, nothing will stop them. But the key of course is that thieves do not want to be caught. And it is this fear that makes the installation of these preventative measures more effective.

Time is Precious

The more visually apparent they are, the more likely anti-burglary measures are to stop and make any prospective thief twice before trying to gain illegal entry. Whilst it is true that given the right tools and proper determination, thieves will be able to break into almost anywhere, what they don’t have is time. They usually work on the assumption that they can gain entry, get access to the products, and make their getaway within minutes if not seconds.

But when they’ve got to spend precious minutes trying to circumnavigate well installed anti-theft measures, that precious time is quickly eaten away. And if a burglar alarm is also installed, once it is tripped, the thieves are likely to make a run for it before being able to gain entrance.

Anti-burglary Precautions can Save you Money

Last but not least, there is a popular misconception that installing storefront security gates, and/or window security barsis prohibitively expensive. Yes, of course there is an expense involved. But it is usually quite affordable, especially when one considers the loss of business a break-in can cost, because of damage to the premises, and loss of stock. There is also the fact that the installation of effective anti-theft measures is always well received by insurance companies, and inevitably results in insurance premiums being lowered too.

In other words, having storefront security gates, and window security bars fitted will not only help you to sleep more securely, but will in the long run actually save you money in terms of interruptions to your business, and lower insurance costs. It’s really a no-brainer!

No business premises in this day and age can afford to be without some form of anti-burglary measures being installed. Shops and stores are particularly vulnerable due to the fact that they have glass storefronts. Installingstorefront security gates, and window security bars poses a real deterrent to any would-be thieves or vandals.

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