Terrace decoration ideas

Decorate your patio or courtyard original form need not be costly, not always have to invest in furniture change, sometimes small changes can transform your Choice terrace in a very welcoming place.

The colors can give you joy and freshness on the terrace, pots of color , color tables and chairs. In large areas such Ikea Leroy Merlin or you can find furniture and decorative objects for the terrace at affordable prices.

Fancy a fun deck, look at the picture 2. A colorful terrace with children’s tent included. Folding table in turquoise, pink and turquoise chairs. Pots of various colors over the railing and hung on a banner of colors from one end to another of the terrace like a verbena.

The finest chill out, bed, sofa black and white exterior. Cushions in moss green, turquoise and beige, round metal table covered with braided synthetic fiber that looks like rattan but it is more durable.

Decorate your deck or patio with these colorful plastic pots. They have 38 x 38 x 32 cm. You have them in purple, fuchsia , lime green and orange. In the picture go with Boxwood plant type, but you can put palm trees, laurel, or plants with flowers such as jasmine or plumbago. For very little give joy to your deck.

Romantic decoration in white, Coated aluminum armchairs and original synthetic fiber braid geometric drawing, it looks as dainty crochet braiding, but are very strong.

A lovely touch for the balcony or patio, if you want to hide a narrow area or space. Iron panels with edge curling have in white or graphite. These are complemented by high white pots on wood.

Terrazas modern style with white furnishings and aluminum, Umbrella-shaped petal, sofas, tables in white. The note of contrast, the cushions in green fern.

A perfect pot to accommodate the rail! What a good idea, glad your terrace or your window with these pots of colors where you can grow, bulbs, herbs or whatever you want. They are made of polypropylene 30 x 29 cm. You have them in green, blue and orange are called Olla Elgo balcony.

Glamour colored umbrellas, Great for terrace or garden . The table can be adapted to the central hole if it takes. The color you have chocolate, green pool, or cherry.

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