Spice for the nursery

Today we bring you a very original idea to renovate the old spice we have at home and put them into the smaller room as a useful shelf where they can leave their toys and stories.

This is spice of the classics as usual in the kitchen. Toys and books of the “kids” are usually small in size, both fit perfectly for them if they are placed with the cover to the front and toys do not forget to place them in the best possible way to avoid strikes or bad maneuvers to remove them from the children.

Take the old spice from the kitchen and fit a child’s room to decorate the walls are empty while helping to sort and organize books and stories, is a great and economical idea, besides being very original. It is very easy to do and a good way to recycle old material we have at home.

You only need common tools and materials such as sandpaper to go over the surface. Then you give them some nice touches of paint, and will be working just hanging on the wall with the help of a drill, some nails or screws and presto!
This simple idea is cheap, pretty and will be very useful for organizing the small room.

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