Spaces for breakfast

Breakfast is a very important part of meals a day, because as everyone knows, is the most important meal and should be done more succulent. Usually in the morning, each person has a different space in which there is the time to drink coffee, eat some toast or something else. Here are some ideas that can be used to locate the site at home.

On the cover and the first image that show, we see the classic bar-type model, where a couple of stools, a high table and some other element such as a television, can create space for breakfast.

Otherwise, this model can be applied directly to the kitchen through an island where they are placed in the stools.

Some prefer the table and chairs and therefore a small place with a couple of chairs in the kitchen , so that a breakfast in a smaller environment and not in the main dining room, where you can get a bit lost if only.

Another option, if you like to relax in the morning and have a good look to do is to place a table and several chairs near a window, you can lie down in the empty eyes of a landscape.

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