Small Receivers decor ideas

There is a small irony in the fact that the designated space in the input is especially important in small homes. But in such homes, it is difficult to separate the space from the rest of the house.

Here are some decor ideas to define and separate entrance from the rest.

Consider placing a rug rustic, unlike the rest of the house. It also does not hurt to put a wallpaper in the area, also differs with the other models, if any. Another attachment is a shelf to put the clothes as hat, umbrellas , etc.

That there is symmetry in the decorative elements. A collection of plates, or group of works of art with a mirror creates a nice frame. You can also place candles or ornaments hanging on the wall , by way of framing the area, just above a desk .

In above you can see some pictures that will surely give you plenty of ideas to apply in that space so important and often abandoned home.

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