Shower Curtain Screen Design

Shower curtains are a thing of the past, although they are a very economical solution to avoid leaving the bath full of water when showering, and few people choose this solution when you create your ideal bathroom interior decor. The truth is that where a good shower screen to remove everything else.

Beyond just fulfilling the function of ensuring that all get wet bathroom, the screens become a decorative element to which we give our personal touch. How to choose the type we like, we must keep in mind some simple points:

  • Practicality: It’s the first thing to consider, in counterpoint to the transparent glass walls that look beautiful and make our bathroom winning visual space, we think that will need constant cleaning so they are really good.
  • Security: We must choose those accidental breakage if not shattering to avoid accidents.
  • Location and shape: Another strong point to consider, as determined by the type of screen that we set. Analyzes the possibilities of space to locate the entrance door and the type of use.
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