Separate rooms with carpets

When we think room dividers, usually comes to mind such things as textiles, cardboard, shelves , curtains or any vertical element. But the horizontal tools can define two environments with the same efficiency in large spaces. No need to create a physical barrier, the carpets help to separate the living rooms of the dining rooms , lobbies, halls and bedrooms of large rooms, okay lets learn about carpets decor for separate rooms.

These images show how the scale of a carpet impacts the way the space is seen. In a large room, a space “float” may be defined by a rectangular rug and a few cushions on the floor. Carpets that are not under the furniture can even act as “connectors” between two spaces.

In small rooms, carpets that protrude from the edges of furniture can give the impression that the environment is larger, while in the large attic, we can use to group a set of chairs, in order to create a more intimate decor idea.

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