Scandinavian style in the kitchen decor

The Scandinavian-style decor, is a very particular form, though often of which little is known, has the rage in recent years, thanks to companies like Ikea, originating from there, they have offered for many years, Furniture design, which indirectly follow that style. On this occasion, we will focus on how to use it in the kitchen.

First of all note that the vast majority of Scandinavian kitchens are painted on walls and floors based on white , although there are also, varying the floor, wood, or paint one wall a different color, such as a soft blue.

It is a modern, clean, fresh and stop certain minimalist , at times. It focuses on achieving earned by white space, but that in turn is surrounded by flashes of color, which arise from items, such as the food , plants, linens, or their own fruits and vegetables can be kept in a bowl .

Another interesting variation is to apply a small segment of the wall, as could be found directly above the oven, leave it in brick. At the same time often also be a touch soft red countertops, through marble or wood.

Another common feature in case the space is not a limiting factor is that all have a table with chairs, so you can have breakfast or lunch in a more informal, in the kitchen.

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