Rustic style for room decoration

The rustic style decoration was introduced some time ago. It is a style that fits better in houses and in the case that you have an old farmhouse, will serve to revive that spirit off it.

Elements such as stone and wood play an important role in this type of housing, since they are the soul of them. This option could result in a flat cold feeling in works, but in a rustic house is completely well integrated into the environment, much more when we see that the roof preserves the wooden beams in sight.

The soil is also very typical of these environments, and is beautiful when displayed as colorless appearance, since it provides a very realistic ancient air.

As this combination of styles and epochs, it is well that we have in mind the choice of furniture, a good idea would be to combine a bed with headboard forge life-or wood with a more modern style tables or to a touch of modernity in small details.

It is a style that is becoming increasingly fashionable, especially for those fleeing the city decide to go to live in the country and restore their former homes.

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