Rustic decorating style

The rustic decor is essentially based on bringing the old, rural, countryside, within our home with other nuances but essentially the same as rocks and Ancient Lands Florentine Brisas on the walls, antique doors, rustic furniture wooden beams, iron headboards for our beds, take special care to paint colors and many more accessories.

Wooden beams:

No need to be real wood, made of polyurethane ones that are sticking to the roof and do exactly the same effect.

The company Neva Deco factories, have a variety of beam patterns to choose from.

Iron headboards:

The beds with iron headboards will imitate the ancients, but now continue to produce best fit the time but not lose its essence.

Antique doors:

The old doors complement the decor of the house. For old door I do not mean a door that has 30 years, today made new doors but with rustic and antique.

Other add-ons:

We can also resort to furnishing as cartwheels, or even cars, a plant, especially lamps and original dark wood predominating. Set in this lamp made of a wagon wheel.


The rustic colors are colors of the field. As the trees brown, pastel yellow as wheat, gray as stone.
Avoid using bright colors like orange, red, green living, and dark colors. However, the pastel colors and neutral tones for the walls look good.

Another thing you can not miss is a stone fireplace, of course not all have the space and money for the work to install a fireplace. But what if the stone is available and if instead of imitation stone stone is much cheaper and easy to do.

One idea would be to make a stone base of a meter tall and the top a breeze, or Florentine ancient lands in other entries in this blog also explained how to make Ancient Lands Florentine breezes and step by step.


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