Rustic decor for the kitchen or dining room

Already had advised on how to choose colors for a kitchen . Now we will give you some ideas for decorating your kitchen or dining in a rustic fashion. It is without doubt one of the nicest styles to decorate the home, and lends itself wonderfully for these areas of the home. Perhaps there is some genetic information in us that makes us associate with the rustic warmth of home and a meal cooked at home.

You can decorate the whole kitchen a rustic style or just adding some furniture or details. In houses of antique furniture you can find many furniture and accessories that you can serve, or used furniture stores, is likely to get cheaper deals and all you have to recondition your own furniture, which is not difficult and is usually very motivating and de-stressing. There are also designers of furniture manufacturing furniture.

What has more visual impact are the rustic tables, which can be used as “islands” in the kitchen, that is, a place apart from the counter to prepare food.

Another thing you can do is get a dining table rustic decorating the space with objects in that style, as we see in the image above. The most interesting thing in this picture are hanging lamps made from old spoons and ladles, really cool idea.


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