Rustic Bathroom Decoration

The bathrooms in the houses of people of our grandparents have something special, they are cozy and warm. Decorate with rustic style bathroom is something that people left to become an increasingly large gap in city apartments. Mark a rustic yet modern style which gives them a great personality.

For the walls you can choose either option: you can choose to paint in any color, using tiles or cover it with wood, the material more typical of these compositions. A great idea is to combine the wood with paint, adding a touch more light into space.

For furniture it comes to choosing those classic, but became severely strained before now on the market rustic furniture very modern, simple, natural woods and just a coat of varnish. For furniture commitment to simplicity.

You will not have problems when choosing a color to decorate your bathroom as the traditional white and color of the wood  perfectly with a yellow or beige.

And last for the rest of the decor concept, setting a box motif and have everything perfect to complete your bathroom.

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