Retro decor for home

It is called a cluster of retro decorating styles that combine the decades from the fifties and the eighties. Although thirty years have been very different natures trend is not entirely impossible to bring together common or similar elements that can make a living out of date in a contemporary retro gem.

The walls are the protagonists:

In section paper the walls largely explains the role that the paper had during the previous decades. At a time when the middle class was growing but not yet arrived to consolidate the role for the walls wore a very special way by getting the little furniture in the rooms pareciesen fill all space.

Retro trends on paper for the walls are filled with plenty of detail but the undisputed stars are the warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are combined to perfection. Geometric shapes such as circles or rectangles were also very popular in the seventies and are the latest in trends.

Decorate retro style can also be done by placing paper for the walls in strategic places such as columns, half of the room or just in certain walls. This is recommended especially if the home you want to apply it to small dimensions as the paper with strong colors tend to visually reduce the size.

Retro furniture or Grandma:

Who can not find what you are home when your mother is with real antiques in decoration? Typical metal chairs and simple shapes, matching tables, too, are now highly prized simple business selling retro furniture. Therefore, at first, try to find everything without spending money.

One of the accessories that most impact when you see an image of retro style home is the presence of the classic triumphal dial telephone. No matter what color or what specifically have. This element will enhance a living room or kitchen provided you are careful.

Modern and retro style in decorating trends:

There are also newly created accessories that can not fail to take into account so as with clocks on the type of image below. This model is striking for the presence of angular shapes and brilliant colors that can place him in a kitchen without any wallpaper or light-colored room.

The style inspired by the LPs – vinyl classics – is also on the rise and can be found in department stores curtains and other accessories with these evocative images and markedly nostalgic. For those who want to make your living room this image retro-style the option of resorting to thrift stores looking for vinyl – can be found about 50 cents in stores like Cash Converter – then decorate the wall with them.

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