Renew fabrics for window decor

Textiles are a very creative option to change the style of a room without having to replace furniture. Here’s how to choose fabrics suitable for upholstery and renew to decorate your windows. The sofa set, a very important part of the decor of the room. To renew please note the following:

  1. cotton, velvet, chenille and silk are the most commonly used for upholstery. They are easier to maintain if they are mixed with synthetic fibers such as polyester.
  2. Determined by the Martindale and called the urdiembre web. Check with more than 20,000 cycles and well-tensioned wire.
  3. The current upholstery stain incorporate new treatments, flame retardants, moisture and sanforized (prevent the tissue to shrink).

 window decor concept

Here are some tips to decorate your windows:

  1. They are the classic choice for windows. A smooth fabric will not be as subject to fashion. In tones avoid the effect of “dye” and you will achieve natural atmospheres. Change the look of your windows is easy enough to replace, for example, a light curtains drapes give it another go to your room.
  2. More and more defendants, the blinds are the cheapest because they need little fabric. The carpet type, having no rails are easy to wash and its fall is more natural.
  3. The bar is the easiest. You can renew your appearance changing only auction. The rails are easy to install and camouflage decoration.

With all these tips, I’m sure he will choose the best choice in fabrics, in terms of quality and trends.

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