Remodeling without wasting

One of the first things that any homeowner should do before you even begin thinking about remodeling your house is to be clear how long she plans to stay.

If you are preparing to sell, it’s probably best to avoid a major remodeling project. Better to focus on small details that will ensure a good sale with little investment, like a new coat of paint.

However, if you plan on staying in the house for a few years if there may be a larger project. However, before you start, find out what the exact value of your home, because there are many variables that affect the housing market. Research the selling prices of homes similar to yours in your area, not a surprise and take the time to sell it to discover that it can not recover the total amount invested in improvements.

Transform the space usable space, will offer a better return on investment that the addition of square meters. Besides having a lower cost. For example find another use for a basement playroom making. Or transform an attic into a bedroom, or desktop.

Also returning will be directly proportional to the quality of the materials used. Example, a good wall to wall carpet, good closet or have an immediate impact effect and make a big difference.

A common mistake is to add a pool. Most people are not interested in the pools, the high cost of maintenance and also for safety for children. The exception would be if your house is the only area that does not have one.

Nor waste your money on gardening, if you’re thinking of selling soon. Just some flowers that give a touch of color.

Kitchens and bathrooms are a good area to focus if you’re going to be in your home for at least five years. They are also places of the house to a potential buyer will pay more attention. Reforms are more expensive, but they are also giving you more likely to recoup the investment.

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