Recycling to decorate your desktop

The desktop is a workplace first. In it we look for objects that have a great convenience where maybe the design is relegated to the background.

If you do not want to spend money on items that may not look much at this place, we suggest you recicles some things to give an original touch to the desktop. Here are some ideas.

Pens: they can capture a wide variety of recycled items, and the network is that we have seen ideas ranging from those made of tin cans with pieces made up the keyboard, floppy disks and even old phone books.

Document separators: one of the most original ideas we’ve found, and that is to thoroughly clean an old bird cage (of those high and wide), paint it the color that like and remove and add parts to separate your letters, notes or any kind of documents.

If you want to give a new look to your table takes a very fine wood base, cover it with old floppy disks of all colors and placed over a glass to achieve a smooth base and very showy.

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