Recipes with something more intelligent

The Sook Cut is a three-part concept designer Adam Brodowski, which helps to combine ingredients to create a meal. The cutting board has a moisture sensor, scale, and an electronic tongue that determines what food is being prepared, then sends the information to the Sook Touch to generate a delicious recipe.

The Sook Touch is a touch screen that lists recipes, detailed nutritional information and ingredients stored library. You can touch and drag ingredients and recipes to create customized and then save or upload to a website.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Sook Dock. Not only loads the Sook Cut and Touch, but also functions as a RFID scanner that identifies what foods are coming and added to the database Sook Touch.

When finished cooking, the Sook Touch takes a snapshot of the food created and then synchronizes with a social site kitchen. Apply labels, and even encourages users to comment and modify the recipes.

Obviously you may have noticed that all of this sounds incredibly complicated system of science fiction. We can hardly imagine our parents using this device, but is intended for future generations of the Internet. It is interesting to imagine a near future where food is prepared so carefully, knowing how they affect nutrition and quality time in life.

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