Pink bedroom, modern and charming decor

We know the cliché that pink is for girls and blue for boys, but as I said is just a cliché.

Knowing choose an appropriate tone pink with appropriate combinations we can make a bedroom, which could well be for a woman, man or marriage. As this room.

As you can see, the predominant color on walls decor and in supplements is pink, but it looks like a girls room, and despite having so much color, do not recharge the environment.

It is a perfect example of how you can use colors like pink in large doses without coming to look tired and a room for a particular genre.

Is a cool, modern and elegant. Pink adds lots of color, which gives the room a modern touch, but what makes the bedroom is elegant, is certainly a classic style furniture.

With the combination of pink and dark furniture in classic design, has managed to create an elegant bedroom for adults, both for men and women and very current.

You see, if we choose the right combination of colors, furniture and accessories, we can use the color you want and the dose that we want.

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One thought on “Pink bedroom, modern and charming decor

  1. i am a 31 year old single male and i love the color pink i want a pink bedroom that is still manily i hate the color brown any ideas?

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