Painted tiles, an option in the kitchen

While some kitchens are tiled are other architects who have decided to place these terms in all walls, except where the oven and burners. This is where many people come into dilemma as they know not crown the kitchen decorated in keeping with the rest.

While this portion of the wall is discrete we must take into account that gets dirty easily and thus can not put any coating that comes to mind. For traditional kitchens, a choice comes from the hand of Paul and Linda English-painted tiles.

This designer has created a set of tiles that offer a variety of very traditional designs and patterns such as flowers, landscapes, still lifes or typical Italian and French paintings. Practical and artistic, can be placed and easily cleaned and if none of these pictures you think you always have the option attractive to manufacture you, hand-painted porcelain painting, also called third fire painting. Although well for this task requires a lot of time and patience because you have to pay attention to detail.

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