Original fireplaces for your home decor

For years we have seen in American movies as was the tradition that the chimneys were the center of family reunion movie. In the chimneys of the homes, families reading together, watching television or hanging Christmas stockings for Santa Claus to fill them with candy. In many cases, simply displayed as decorative elements on which could be placed picture frames or any other memory. This last idea to decorate the home fireplaces is that we want to recover so then try to show everything that can bring home the unforgettable heat source, in every way, that wraps the home and those who matter most.

Symmetrical lines and smooth colors:

In many cases they were attributed to chimneys and classic character home on the family and home. Although this is true, the line they do not have to be “boring” or outdated. In fact, today the original fireplaces are gaining ground to the “usual” to decorate the home. Below is an example of a fireplace built into the wall with the white frame and decorated in a circle encompassing the frame with which the visitors want to stay by the fire.

The straight lines, almost ethereal simplicity, complemented with lilac walls, and that infinite illusion generated by the mirror placed behind the artificial coals are the perfect combination to get a fake fireplace that mimics the real to decorate the home without having to be aware of a fire or there is enough coal.

For those who hate television just as they hate the wall of his room is bare, there is this little gem contemporary form of false metal chimney that will delight all visitors. Also usually recessed in the wall at a variable height so that in the case of small children may be placed in class at a certain height.

Garnish with fireplaces not only in the lounge of your home:

Usually the decoration on chimneys is associated with the interior and, more specifically, the living room. To expand the possibilities of the fireplaces we offer a range of possibilities which also cover the most picturesque settings for people in households cutting edge and always up to date. Luxury, eccentricity and exorbitant prices to be the most chic of the area.

A bid inviting and very cozy for the winter evenings when twilight still not been leaning over the horizon is to place some of these fireplaces around the table you possibly be taking a hot drink and engaging in pleasant conversation . One way to decorate and dress the garden, always with attention to detail.

The final and original fireplace is a great table-mold the nights get colder winter around her are transformed into warm evenings in good company. Give heat and light equally in particularly cold areas of the home.

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