Oriental inspiration decor

We show you the fabulous homes decorated in Oriental style yet modern … that pretty much are all right?

The Oriental inspiration comes in the first floor of the great majority of Japanese who have hanging wall matching the rest of the house, here on the front page.

Here’s the typical commonly called “Chinese furniture” painted in bright orange, very Oriental no doubt. And to complement have busts of gods and buddhas that will surely give you a very personal touch. On the floor we can see a boat float Hong Kong. These are small touches that will undoubtedly highlight everything even more.

We went to a salon, where we observed a pattern a bold couch, which along with the carpet and get the table to give it a modern look. And we have a box running a Japanese woman on a background very daring but certainly also successful. Who said that the yellow color may not look good?

We ended up with a subtle oriental touch but effective, in this case rather than being obvious and put pictures or sculptures have decided to be more minimalist in concept and only have placed a paper lamp, that if, matching the other furniture for of course.

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