Objects to decorate your home: Mini garden

No matter where you live, whether in a big house or a small loft, what matters is if you can give an original touch assembling a garden in small spaces designed. Ask a gardening project involves being in touch with nature and also deploy the imagination to get the final product is an original mini garden.

This project can be done in vases, small glass containers and small spaces of your home. Making this work does not involve preparation, so you just take what is in house to build these original ideas.

Idea 1:

If you have an unused pot recycle it to make a moss vase holder, you can buy this plant in a nursery pot placed inside this particular plant. No need to paint the pot adorn or leave it as it is to give an idea of old container.

Idea 2:

Create a terrarium with a glass jar. Put into it a little plant that you like and add ground round stones of different sizes and colored stones (of which are used in aquariums).

Idea 3:

Surely at home have a wooden box old and obsolete, use this as a basis for placing several small plants of the variety and color you want, add stones of different sizes and if you have snails or starfish saved from the last vacation on the beach you can also put them to give a touch more color.

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