No more mess in the kitchen!

The habits of life force us to devote less time to perform and organize the purchase, so the space for the pantry should be broader and more efficient to store more comfortably.

A functional kitchen needs a comfortable place to work and store food. The first thing you think is its location and function of the space you have available, choose the option that suits you. Here I give you all the options in furniture pantry, grouped into two categories (High and Low).

A) kitchen cupboards:

  1. High vertical opening: The hydraulic system of the upper modules, keeps the doors open, avoiding the risk of strokes.
  2. Persian: Ideally, when you want to integrate small appliances in the cabinets, is that they have outlets. Its closure shutter reduces the opening space.
  3. Column: Front opening fitted with chrome-plated steel wire baskets, which lets you view and access the content easily. They are available in various heights and fronts in all colors.
  4. Compartement: With a practical system that uses even more the ability of this wine rack furniture and equipped with support trays inside.
  5. Dispenser: Equipped with removable metal basket, which optimizes the inside.

B) kitchen cupboards:

  1. Mueble under sliding door, offers a large storage capacity, thanks to the area of the shaded window trim that keep hidden content.
  2. Couch Furniture: Thanks to a cabinet like this, the corners are no longer a wasted space. Especially recommended for kitchens few meters.
  3. Wicker Basket: They are the best option to keep fruits and vegetables, to allow proper ventilation of these foods.
  4. With integrated containers: Boxes where everything takes its right place. The top drawer for those covered, the middle to store spices and one for cans, pasta, rice.

All those options combined with small details, such as good lighting and placement will provide good decor results.

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