Nest on the Hog

Wasp nest on motorcycleSpring has sprung and the weather is FINALLY nice enough to get the bike out! I cannot wait to get out for that first ride. There is nothing in the world like that first ride after a long winter of being cooped up in a car (ugh!).

When I put the bike away last winter, I did all the stuff I always do. I printed out my check list and followed it to the letter.

  • Took it for one last ride, filled the tank and added a fuel stabilizer.
  • Changed the oil and put the bike on stands to take the weight of the tires.
  • Removed and charged the battery.
  • Wiped the whole bike down and gave it a good wash and wax.
  • Covered the intake and exhaust with bags.
  • Sprayed the exposed metal with WD40.
  • Covered the bike with a full size cover.

That was four months ago already and now I took the afternoon off to get her going for a nice Sunday ride through the countryside. So I go out to the garage to start dewinterizing the hog. First step was to get it down off the stands and check the pressure in the tires. All good so far. Then I removed the bags from the intake and exhaust and what do I find? A wasp nest on the hog. Right there on the exhaust!

Guess it’s time to call an exterminator cuz I am NOT messing with a wasp nest!

So I call up the local exterminator and he comes out dressed for battle. I show him the wasp nest on the hog and he comments on the strange location. I tell him I just want the thing gone so I can go for a ride. He continues doing his thing, spraying the wasp nest with a chemical he says will slow the wasps down, then bags the nest and carries it away for disposal.

Now he tells me that it is always best to call a professional exterminator for wasp nests for a few reasons.

  • Wasp stings can be fatal in numbers.
  • Wasp stings hurt like hell!
  • Proper removal is tricky and only a pro can do it the right way.
  • He will now treat the interior of the garage to kill off any stray bugs that may have wandered away from the nest.

After he is finished, I pay him, thank him and return the garage to finish the bike. I left off at the exhaust, so I need to set the fuel system to “on”, prime the injectors and let it run for a bit. I usually go about 15 or 20 minutes here. Then I get my stuff together and do a full tune up on the engine. After that, I wash the bike thoroughly and wipe it down real good so it just shines and glints in the sunlight. Then I fill the tank with premium gasoline for maximum performance.

Now my baby is ready for a run. I start her up and listen to the rumble of the motor and feel the power just coursing underneath me. I am so excited! It is Sunday afternoon, about 70 degrees and the sun is high and bright in the sky. A perfect day for a ride in the country.

I set out on my long awaited jaunt and I am in my glory! Sun on my face, wind in my hair and the road in front of me. I can stop when I want, go where I want and go home when I want. What more can a person ask for?

Life is good.

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