Natural decoration concept

The outdoor spaces are a natural attraction to humans. Heaven, earth, water and other elements that exist outside make us feel cool, calm. But how we can bring these elements in nature to the interior of our house and decorate it for?

One of the most obvious ways is bringing our plants inside the home. Although it is a wonderful idea, there are many other forms of natural decoration.

As a basic step, using colors inspired by nature. Soil, grass, plants. Blues are as refreshing as water and sky, the yellow evoke a feeling of lightness and freshness, like the sun and fresh flowers. The neutral colors like white, gold and beige give the interior a clean, natural feel. Use these colors on the walls , windows , bedding and general decor.

Incorporates natural fibers, rich textures and patterns: wicker, rattan, hemp and jute are all materials that inspire nature. Choose the materials for your furniture for a comfortable “oasis” of relaxation. In the overall decor, baskets, rugs and even lamps that bring fresh air in the home garden.

Put your senses to use natural flavors: The incense and flower essences are always a pleasure.

Lets in natural light . Natural light is free (at least for now), and makes us feel a wonderful feeling, almost magical. Replace heavy curtains with these fine fabrics. Lets in sunlight to your home every day, and see how nature spreads in your home decor.

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