Moroccan Decor Style Design

Known locally as blankets Moroccan wedding, the Handiras are woven wool, cotton and linen made ??by women Berbers from the mountains of northern Morocco. The Berbers were the original inhabitants of the northern coast of Africa. okay lets talk about moroccan decor concept.

There are different Berber tribes north of the continent, with different dialects and customs. The tribe responsible for these rugs come from the central region of Morocco, near the famous tribe Beni Ourain. These blankets, as their name implies, are woven on the eve of a wedding , for the women of the family of the bride. The same consuming many hours, even weeks, to fix hundreds of mirrors and sequins a tissue once it is complete.

It is believed that during the work, relatives of the bride teach the secrets of marriage, including “homework” to the marital partner who will be subjected. After the ceremony, the bride wears a blanket tied around his neck like a cloak.

Does not take much work to figure out why Westerners are adopting the use of these rugs in decorating. Almost modernist aesthetics contained, the Handira have neutral colors, but often also have brightly colored bands. At the same time the sequins add a touch of glamor and exotic texture adds a traditional touch.

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