Modern rooms

We all know that our rooms are a sanctuary and a refuge to our problems, we can isolate ourselves from the world and relax. Here we will try to give you inspiration to make you feel even more Agusta in such a small place of your own home. These various ideas of modern rooms with minimalist furniture, which does not mean that they are cozy and relaxing.

Important elements to consider are: the color of the walls, furniture, quilts, getting rid of clutter and accessories that adjust to your bedroom, that should not be too many, as lead burden in sight. Following these few guidelines will have the bedroom of your dreams.

If you look, it seems that the image is black and white. It is very nice and original, and certainly relax, try to choose the comforter and pillows in shades of gray, but give a few touches of color to not be boring, as in this case, is an excellent idea. And the detail violet on the bedside table and wall paint are unmatched.

This time striking flowers lining the wall, giving a more welcoming and filled the room. The sheets have a nice soft and warm, ideal for tumbarros to think or listen to music. The cushions are sober and soothing colors.

For flower lovers, both the comforter, pillows, like the two columns on the headboard of the bed in your room will be ideal. To complement, a beautiful flower also in the bedside table and other furniture of the room. Do not forget that the rooms must be a reflection of your personality, that way you will always be comfortable in it.

But not all have to be relax. Some people want to fill the room with joy, and nothing gets better than this beautiful yellow color, to blend in with sheets detailing all the same color. But undoubtedly the most original shows this room are the lush butterflies that seem out of the closet. This room is uplifting to anyone!

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