Modern Room Decor Concept

We tend to think that a room should have to be modern and minimalist style should be decorated in neutral colors, but it is not. The modern rooms can be decorated with a combination of styles and many colors. We show you some pictures that can serve as inspiration.

Here we have combined ancient and modern style, making a sophisticated lounge. The walls are decorated with antique wallpaper, painted on the chimney of gold. The coffee table was surrounded with cylindrical cushions, all set on an old carpet.

The walls were painted a pale yellow, slightly contrasting with the white ceiling and floor. A cowhide rug complements the decor in white, black and brown.

Opposite the fireplace, whose bottom is made of glass, a sofa defines the space. Beanbags on the sides completes the assembly area. Above the fireplace, a tapestry.

A loft a stylish New Yorker pop. Only primary colors have been used in its decoration. A blue wall is the backdrop for pictures. Deep red chairs are attached to the blue wall using the white color of the couch and chairs.

A natural and minimalist decor. The lamp and the table are somewhat of a focal point in this simple decoration.

In this room, the decoration is built around the large sofa. On one wall is mounted modular furniture with sliding doors that allow you to hide the TV.

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