Modern designs and decor with tv transparent

Television has earned a place in almost any home, in some more accepted, in others less so, and the remaining time to take on more productive and generally also removes the central space of the room, showing the most important as it . That’s why today we present this modern TV design and decor transparent.

Created by Michael Friebe, this television for “hiding” of the people, through a design, one hand always attract those who want the latest fashions in decor concept, but on the other hand, will gain adherents in those not very fond of it, but feel it useful for certain circumstances, so they like to have, but that is not the center of his life at home.

And that’s the reason why it is more fantastic, because even occupy the central place in a room while power is off, you can see the back wall, so it will be a transparent object, to not draw attention.


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