Modern decor

The modern decor is the latest in the world of decoration, leaving aside the classic or traditional, are more modern, sophisticated yet functional. The cutting edge stays are asymmetrical aspects are not loaded and looking for visual impact.


The colors for the walls in this style of decoration are neutral colors, but we can put a wall in a bright color or a paper with modern design.


The furniture must be straight lines, accompanied by steel tubes for tables, chairs, sofas and furniture legs and should not overburden the environment.


The accessories such as vases, pictures will be striking figures in bright colors but without overloading the environment. For textile accessories, rugs, cushions, curtains, choose shapes and / or abstract.

To summarize we will consider these 5 points:

  1. Set aside the classical or traditional
  2. The furniture must be straight lines
  3. The paint colors that are neutral, if we want to highlight something, it will be a complement. Or abstract geometric shapes, for paintings, rugs, pillows and other textile accessories.
  4. No load the room.
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