Mobile garden decoration in perfect condition

Going out to our garden, terrace or patio to enjoy a warm day is one of those small pleasures that make life happier and allows you to disconnect from everything.

But we must not forget to keep the furniture and all the little details so they’re always like the first day is a very important task that we can not neglect if you do not want all the decoration is damaged.

While each material has its own needs for climate protection is concerned, you can follow these simple tips.

  • Furniture: we must learn the best techniques: Salt water and clear coat for natural fibers, teak oil or varnish for wood.
  • Barbecues: the most basic tips to keep in good condition are heating from 5 to 10 minutes to evaporate the grease, put a foil base to avoid smearing and clean thoroughly after each use.
  • Awnings and umbrellas: to clean the acrylic or cotton cloth that covers them is to use a vacuum on both sides. If you should spot as any textile fabric, a little water and soap.

With these tips, and if you neglect something as important as the furniture in your garden will be like new for many years.

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