Minimalist Decor

Minimalism describes a style that influences various manifestations of culture, from the home decor, architecture, music. In minimalism eliminates the superfluous and essential for the purity of lines and sobriety.

Minimalist Decor Features

  1. The minimalist decor is inspired by the architecture and style Japanese traditional. The forerunner of the style is Still, the Dutch architect who adopts the motto “less is more.” Design buildings looking extremely simple functionality.
  2. The minimalist decor has a modern and futuristic.
  3. The modular furniture in the lounge of straight lines, chaise longue sofas
  4. The line as a component of simplicity and harmony.
  5. Minimalist kitchens , bathrooms, minimalist dining rooms and terraces are imposed minimalism as a trend throughout the house.
  6. Basic geometric lines. The natural texture, fine colors, finishes, neutral (white, beige, gray, metallic sheen).
  7. The aim is quality not quantity. The furniture and decorative elements are reduced to essentials.
  8. Use of contrast and volume, the brightness and matte elements. The black and white bicolor and other hues.
  9. Play with lighting, direct and indirect.
  10. Large windows and glazing to let in natural light.
  11. In order raw, minimalist decor, and for that furniture and the fewer the better. Furniture anchored to the wall, which seem to be suspended in the bathroom, the lounge is a trend in minimalist decor.
  12. Details like modern rugs in bright colors to contrast with the color of the walls and furniture.
  13. They integrate the spaces, the kitchen is integrated into the living room or sitting room, drawing on the lofts .
  14. In decorating a few ornaments, a vase with an orchid, a bonsai plant. A bowl of lemons and apples. Sculptures of geometric lines.
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