Minimalist decor for your bathroom

When decorating a room in the house, anything goes. The combination of contrasting colors, textures, materials, fabrics and ornaments help us to project our ideas. Here, we present some tips to consider for decorating a bathroom with a minimalist style.

The simplicity, straight lines, geometric designs and elegance are the main features of minimalism. If applied to our bathroom, we get a space dedicated to relaxation, good taste and comfort.

Previously, the bathrooms were bored, and personal style without decoration, they only had a sink, tub, toilet and wardrobe. However, in recent years it has evolved in this regard and began to incorporate other objects into the bathroom.

Here we show some characteristics that apply to the minimalist decor for bathrooms:

  1. In general, what is sought is to produce a visual impact with few objects, seeking comfort with the least amount of possible objects. In this type of glass used baths for showers or tubs, as simple and elegant material.
  2. As for the toilets, you can choose different colors, borders and shapes. You can also choose materials such as stone, granite or glass. With regard to the faucet, you should opt for a sleek and modern, this way you will get a minimalist style.
  3. Colors should be chosen in the range of pastries, both for the walls to the objects. If you prefer, you can use stone cladding gray or brown. You can combine these tones with white or wood, to obtain a good contrast.

Dare to project the minimalist style in your bathroom and see the results? just try and see but if you any advice or information abaout bathroom design please Click Here!

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