Microcemento decoration: know its the characteristics

If you are to change the floor of your apartment or you are building your home and want to give a special style to floors, for example in the living room, pay attention to this article.

It is increasingly common to resilient flooring and practical use in homes and apartments. In regard to cutting-edge decor, the trend is to use paving microcemento.

This material gives the room an industrial style, widely used in minimalist décor.

Here, we present its main features:

  1. What is microcemento?. It is a mixture of cement and resins, and once applied gives a smooth, continuous and seamless, 2 to 4 millimeters.
  2. His qualities are that it can be used in any household sector, from the bathroom, living room and into the kitchen.
  3. You’ll find the traditional gray and other colors, ideal for creating fun decorations.
  4. The microcemento is very resistant, slip resistant and waterproof.
  5. No need to remove the microcemento, this means you can place it on the lining that you have in your home, with the exception of not having loose parts.
  6. Your application is fast and clean.
  7. For maintenance only need to apply wax autobrillo protection.

The pictures we show you will see the microcemento applied in the bath , with a bright color and clear, which brings a feeling of spaciousness. There is also the example of the built-in living microcemento in gray, giving it an avant-garde.

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