Lighting tips and ideas

To choose a good lighting in a room, there are four main issues to consider, and are as follows:

1. Determine what type of light is best – Different types of bulbs, different types of light and color. Halogen, fluorescent, LED bulbs, all have their own benefits and a degree of heat and is important to determine what type of light is suitable for a specific application. For example, fluorescent lighting can provide ambient light clarifying missing shadows and reducing contrast, the light on vertical surfaces can give the space a brighter effect.

2. Choose the color of light – Note that the shape and color of light affect the appearance of space. If you choose a fixture that is not white, or even more bold colored accessories such as blue or red light in the room will have a slight tint, which can add a warm and inviting effect remain in place. You can also choose a specific color bulbs.

3. Choice of attachments – There are many types of lamps and sizes available. Not all rooms can accommodate a large lamp. The size should be proportionate to the amount of space to be lit.

4. Emphasize specific elements – Light is the element that is the effect on mood. You can illuminate only certain parts or elements.

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